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UN.Exit ~ Sebastian Roberts

If you've ever wondered about how the United Nations and the United States relate to each other, watching this video will help a great deal.

This video is from a lecture I gave in 2012. It is perhaps more relevant today than it was then. It's a tad long, but, as I said, it was a lecture. In it, I go into very specific detail why the U.N. and the U.S. are incompatible. Please watch to the end.  

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Imagine a world where no one says, “Don’t do that.  You’ll poke your eye out.”  Imagine a world where warnings are unheeded by those unable to see the threat.  Imagine a world in which the Congress fails to lead, and instead, bows to the unreasoned and uninformed whims of the people – a world where reelection is more highly valued than what’s good for the country.  Imagine a world in which the United States is forced to withdraw from the United Nations in response to a public that only recognizes the growing power of the coming global government of the New World Order.  Sebastian Roberts did just that and exposes the unexpected chaos that follows in his new book, UNExit.





UNExit is an intriguing book exploring the intricacies of our government along with our assumed responsibilities as a world leader. It delves into the delicate balance and possible consequences when we prioritize and follow our Constitution.


   - Nancy P.



An exciting read that kept me on the edge of my seat.  And that doesn’t happen often.  A superb political drama with believable dialogue that Sebastian Roberts nails.


   - John Russo, Author of the Angela Fournier series.




The writings of Sebastian Roberts are uniquely entertaining and educational.  The background of Navy intelligence activities provides fantastic “who-done-its” for fun reading.  My primary interest is his ability to tell the story of America vis a vis today’s world of international politics.  His added infusion of the changes taking place on our national political scene are a true frosting on the cake.  This book is about America’s place in the world, and parallels the current British BREXIT anxieties.  It is a fantastic read offering international negotiations, internal American Constitutional workings, and a conservative view of the UN and what it might become.  Another great read!!


   - Hamilton H.





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