Sebastian Roberts
"Tomorrow's Reality
not Inevitable."

In ancient lore, the dragonfly is the symbol of transformation and rebirth.  In Dragonfly, Sebastian brings a tired and skeptical nation through a process of metamorphosis no less dramatic than that undertaken by the dragonfly larva as it transforms itself from an ugly water bug into a beautiful aerial acrobat.

Or does he?

Madison Thompson, a mechanical engineer, and Janice Edmonds, a Puerto Rican novelist, are dark horses in the 2016 election, but manage to pull off an upset using one very unusual tactic: Honesty.  Coupled with a reticence to speak ill of the other candidates and a desire to focus on their own qualifications, they win victory - and the metamorphosis begins.

In a twist becoming familiar in Sebastian's novels, the last few chapters throw everything into doubt.  What really happens will rely on America acknowledging that the shape of tomorrow - Tomorrow's Reality - will be the result of hard work, not fate.

Dragonfly (Book 9) ~ Sebastian Roberts: Political Thriller

* * * * *

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