Tom Cuba

More Stuff to Think About

 ~ Tom Cuba

This collection is the second in a series of essays regarding America, Americans, our society, and our government.

These, as were the others in the first collection, are presented with the intent to stimulate independent thought and constructive discussion.  At its root, freedom begins with the freedom of thought: the freedom to form our own opinions, free from the lectures and analyses of others.  Feel free to disagree with the thoughts presented here and experience the freedom in your disagreement.  As with anything, however, assure yourself that the root of your opinion is sound.  Question everything and find your own answers.

About the Author

Tom holds a Doctorate Degree in Marine Ecology.  His area of study is in Successional Ecology which is the study of how ecosystems change over time and under different influences.  His experience as a United States Naval Intelligence Officer actually compliments his ecological skills, for a great part of intelligence analysis is asking, and answering, the question, “If they do this, what will happen?”  In other words, just as in successional ecology, studying change under different influences.

In 2009, Tom turned his attention towards another relationship between change and influencing factors: That of the Nation as Barack Obama began his ascendancy.

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