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Sebastian began writing in earnest in 2013.  The first book written was MISS MATCH.  It was inspired by and based on a true story in which Sebastian was involved.  The second book, DAY 183, is the resurrection of an earlier foray into fiction drafted in 1976.  In DAY 183, all of the SCUBA adventures are taken from his life experience.

The third book written was DRAGONFLY.  Finished in early 2014, many of the same, but older, characters in Day 183 appear.  Because DRAGONFLY occurred in the then future year of 2016-2017 and DAY 183 in the long past year of 1976, there was ample room to fill in the intervening years with other adventured.  In the listing, the books in this, the Dragonfly series, appear in order of occurrence.

THE WRITER, EVA, and UN Exit are not part of the Dragonfly series.
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