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Tom Cuba is a retired consulting ecologist specializing in successional ecology.  His exposure to government began with his service in the Navy and continued through his career of navigating environmental rules and regulations, and was supplemented with his involvement with political movements after his retirement.  Throughout it all, he also maintained a deep interest in the dynamics of education.  After retirement it all comes together in a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction.  As a long-time fan of the essayists Jay Gould and Lewis Thomas, Tom chose essays as his principle writing medium.

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Tom writes in several genres.

His most philosophical work is presented in his non-fiction commentaries on the state of the nation and society.  Collected essays include:

Stuff to Think About,

More Stuff to Think About,

Power, Freedom, and the Threat to American Sovereignty.

Other essays can be found at no cost by navigating to Selected Essays.

The Book of Rules began as a response to the book Rules for Radicals and turned into a self-help style book for conservatives.  A Response to the Liberty Amendments is exactly that.  Mark Levin wrote the Liberty Amendments.  This is Tom's response.  In this genre, however, the most important work is America: The Shop Manual.  Tom takes us through 104 specific problems and offers specific solutions to each.

Tom also writes short stories of which
Conspiracy is the newest.  Jigsaw is a collection to which Tom contribted.  Growing up is a series of short stories that doubles as a self-help book.  How to be Smart is also in the self-help category.  It's a guide to getting through high school and college.

The last volume is
Whispers of the Waters, to which Tom contributed some poetry.

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