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Thomas R. Cuba

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Tom has put some of his essays on Youtube.  Watch here!

Growing Up: A Story for Children of Any Age

A collection of short stories set in a fantasy world: each story demonstrates a life lesson.


The Change - A Short Story

The Change is a futuristic short story which deals with a very fantastical and unlikely, but totally possible future in which the tenets of Paul Ehrlich have become law.

The Change came about as a challenge piece for the author.  As a member of a group of writers in Gulfport, Florida, the idea arose that each would write a short story.  In a different group, there had been an often boisterous discussion of what constituted the proper balance between dialogue and narrative.  As a bit of a renegade, the author determined that his short story would be composed of nothing but dialogue, thereby taking the often-cited mantra of ‘show, don’t tell’ to its limits.  As the reader will see, he failed.  The following story contains nine lines of narrative (1.8%).  The unintended outcome is that others, who favor dialogue over narrative, are now seeking to ‘change’ The Change to a one-act play.

There is no preview - the story is quite short.

The Change is available in Nook and Kindle versions.

Printed and autographed copies may be ordered by request through email.

Stuff to Think About

The first of two collections of essays.  As more are written, more volumes will be added.  These are not lectures, but are designed to stimulate independent thought on the part of the reader.

More Stuff to Think About

The second of two collections of essays, each designed to stimulate independent thought on the part of the reader.  As a proponent of open debate, I encourage those with alternative points of view to express them.  Please see "The Art of The Debate" for further information.


Long ago, Tom began to put his thoughts on the human condition into short pieces most commonly known as essays.  Some of these have been collected and bound (Stuff to Think About and More Stuff to Think About).  Others are awaiting their fate.  On the page to which this link will take you, several of these can be found.  They are free for the taking for your personal use, but not for sale or distribution.  Signed copies can be obtained by sending Tom an email.


For the most part, Tom's poetry has been referred to as puerile, juvenile, simplistic, and every other antonym of elegant that may be found in a thesaurus, or concocted of less than praiseworthy words.  Tom doesn't care.  Poetry, in Tom's opinion, exists to reflect the emotion of the soul of the writer more so than to either invoke or evoke some emotion in a reader.  Should both occur, a bond is created between poet and reader, but for a poet to intentionally create that bond by sacrifycing one's own feelings is to deny the sanctity of the self.  Frankly, Tom's self really is puerile, juvenile, and simplistic - and it intends to stay that way.

For the sake of convenience, we've included one or two forays into poetry by Sebastian on Tom's page.