The best defense is pre-cognition.

Counter-terrorism is a team sport.

WEAK POINT, is most assuredly NOT for everyone.  Pete and Sarah arise from the obscurity of the Witness Protection Program to help the Secret Service and the FBI deal with the impending threat from global terrorism.  Set in 1982, the threat is evident, but not specific to any one faction, group, or religion.  What is clear is that bad people are doing more bad things almost daily.

In WEAK POINT, Sebastian paints a quite realistic picture of how countermeasures are actually developed.  There is no flashy, sex-crazed, double-oh something character.  There is no charismatic hero who single-handedly saves the nation.  That’s not how the real teams work.  Teams like this are made up of normal men and women who, while perhaps gifted intellectually, remain mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, and friends who deal with potential acts of violence during the day and go home to play with the children at night.  Even so, the potential threats they devise have been described as “Quietly Frightening.”

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