THE WRITER by Sebastian Roberts

A great read! The “Writer” spins a captivating tale of his own, changing who he is and the direction of his life. Sebastian Roberts is a great story-teller. It's hard to put down his books. I loved "Dragonfly" as well. - Nancy

“The Writer had me shaking my head and grinning by the end. It is a multi-layered story within a story which is always weaving back into itself. The main character re-creates himself while he is focused on creating his stories. I cannot imagine the complexity involved in the writing of this book. Or, perhaps it’s the simplicity.” - Joey

“I enjoyed The Writer very much - I didn't want it to end. Having the main character talk to himself (his other self) was very effective. I didn't see the end coming - neat twist. - Jeff

“A fascinating novel that deconstructs the life of a writer, the inspiration of a muse and the darkness of a creative mind. A well-told and unusual story that is like nothing I've ever read -- definitely worth checking out and reading carefully!” - Tamara

By Thomas R. Cuba

"It is written.  It is wisdom."  ~  A single mom

"A marvelous book!  ~ English Teacher

"Tom has taken the wisdom of a father and put it into writing."  ~  A Grandmother

"I finished Growing Up and really enjoyed it. Some learning points I thought were great: honor can be found in truth rather than false pride, the possessions of your spirit is most valuable, seeing others through their heart and not with eyes alone, and I do believe sparks of hope are in all men and women! It was very creatively written."  ~  

Sent in by Sue Kotchman, an accomplished author of children's books.


~ This is the must read political thriller of 2015.

~ I started crying by the end of the fourth page.

~ I hate politics and I loved this book.  We need Madison Thompson.

~ I am gobbling up your book. How you make committee meetings interesting -- even riveting -- is amazing to me!  What an ending! So adroit!

~ I thoroughly enjoyed Dragonfly.  Thank you so much for sharing it with me, I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in a good story.

~ Everyone should read this book.

~ I bought two copies to send to friends.

~ Great Book!  Everyone should read it.

~ We need to elect Madison Thompson!


~ Three great mysteries in one volume.

~ Very much in the vein of a Clive Cussler novel.

~ Suspenseful -  similar to John D. McDonald.

~ Heartbreaking realism.

~ You were able to mix religion and science, and this one tough task that you effectively portrayed in your book.

~ This is honestly one of the few pieces, I should say, I enjoyed reading both as an editor and as a reader. - Book Editor

~ Can't put it down.  I don't like the ending, but I understand that Freddie made the right decision.

~ Freddie’s character exemplifies a modernistic view of women: attractive, smart, aggressive, and will not hesitate to stand up for what she believes in. Surely, readers who were and are in the same shoes as her will find her character inspiring.

~ Miss Match is a good, quick read. Different than anything else I've read. I'm not sure if I like how the story ended. Ironically, the best part of the book is the ending. The book leaves me with plenty to think about - some soul searching to do.

~ Great book!  Good job for a country boy.

~ Can't put it down, but I hate the ending.