Tom Cuba, Sebastian Roberts

Stars, stars, everywhere...

Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble assign stars as a means of summarizing what readers have posted about different works.  Here are some of ours.
Ratings are for E-reader books only.
Bound copies are available only through our website and are therefore not rated by Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Day 183: Book One of the Grace Trilogy - Mystery: Historical Fiction.  Pete's first big adventure, including the day he met Sarah.

Flight 885 has only recently been made available in kindle format and has not been rated.  See the rating for the trilogy, Grace.
A Trip To Merida is not available in Nook format.  The people using the Kindle, however, seem to like it quite a bit.  It is book three of the Grace trilogy.
Grace - Mystery: Historical Fiction.  Sarah and Pete are drawn into a world of smugglers, drug cartels, and murderers.  Grace is the trilogy that includes Day 183, Flight 885, and A Trip to Merida.

is available in nook format, but not as a kindle product.
Weak Point - Historical Fiction. Pete, Sarah, Harry, and Molly are recruited to form a think tank designed to destroy America.  Released December 31st and now available in Kindle format on Amazon.  It has not yet been rated by readers.
Serenity - Discovery Thriller: Historical Fiction.  Dedicated to both the pain and pleasure of finding our maturity.
Miss Match - Discovery.  A novel for women seeking to elevate themselves above the female stereotypeBased on the true story of how one woman used a dating service for purposes other than dating.

Dragonfly - Political Thriller.  A fictional story about the man who wins the presidential election in 2016.

The Writer - Discovery: Psychological Thriller.  Walter Fleegle, a retiring and shy 41 year old single man, embarks on a career change that changes more than his career.
Tom's book, Growing Up, has not been rated by either retailers.