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I Dreamed I was a Writer: Commentary

The subject work by Roberts is a rather succinct comment on reality and the way people can define it.  Much of the thought for this work was stimulated by Richard Bach’s short book, Illusions, which deals with the same subject.  Roberts states that a man can actually become an actor etc. by dreaming that he is.  This is opposed to the more commonly stated desire “I want to be an actor.”  Being an actor or a carpenter is a state of mind and of purpose.  The transformation is immediate and of the “stuff of dreams” but very real.

It is also real that the actor may be working - temporarily of course - as a dishwasher.  It is this point that Bach fails to note.  His Messiah character imagines that he can do many things which are normally considered to be impossible.  They are impossible because all the other people present are imagining that he can’t do them just as hard as he is imagining that he can.

This is why Roberts includes all the qualifying lines following the “...and I was...” line. Note, however, that there is no qualifying line after the line “I Dreamed I was a writer; and I was.” What the reader is looking at, at that very instant is a writing of Roberts. Thus, both the writer and the reader are suffering from the very real illusion that Sebastian Roberts is a writer.