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Sebastian Roberts

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Sebastian Roberts

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ONE: The Levindusky Series.

August, 1976. Navy Lt. Pete Levindusky had paid his dues to his nation. Now all he wanted was to go to graduate school and study the behavior of marine fish. Smugglers, murderers, drug dealers, and his friends at the FBI, however, had other ideas. It would have been a complete disaster, had it not been for a his new best friend, Dr. Sarah Roth.

Day 183 is book one of the Grace trilogy. Flight 885 and A Trip to Merida begin on the last day of Day 183.



FBI Agents Brandy Bane and Bob Foreman, along with the rest of the crew at the Ft. Myers, Florida, office react to the hijacking of passenger flight 885 and cargo carrier flight 413. Their task? To ferret out those behind the hijackings while maintaining the secrecy of their personal relationship. Flight 885 is book two of the Grace trilogy, bridging Day 183 and A Trip to Merida.

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A Trip to Merida is book three of the Grace trilogy, bringing any loose ends from Day 183 and Flight 885 to a close and an end to the Levindusky name. Set in 1977. Agent Brandy Bane, now with the DEA is assigned to work on a drug operation using a southwest Florida country club as a distribution center. FBI agent Bob Foreman has been assigned to work on a banking scam. Professor Harry Roth, a botanist, is drawn into the case as a consultant. He is eventually sent to the Yucatan on a mission to observe and report what he sees, using his studies as a cover. Dr. Sarah Roth provides technical support, identifying different mixtures of drugs with her brand new Mass Spectrometer. When the team discovers that there might be a DEA agent involved in the drug smuggling, the Secret Service provides a disinterested mediator to run the internal investigation.

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Grace is a compilation of Day 183, Flight 885, and A Trip to Merida published in one volume.

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WEAK POINT is most assuredly NOT for everyone. Pete and Sarah arise from the obscurity of the Witness Protection Program to help the Secret Service and the FBI deal with the impending threat from global terrorism. Set in 1982, the threat is evident, but not specific to any one faction, group, or religion. What is clear is that bad people are doing more bad things almost daily.

In WEAK POINT, Sebastian paints a quite realistic picture of how countermeasures are actually developed. There is no flashy, sex-crazed, Bond-like character. There is no charismatic hero who single-handedly saves the nation. That’s not how the real teams work. Teams like this are made up of normal men and women who, while perhaps gifted intellectually, remain mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, and friends who deal with potential acts of violence during the day and go home to play with the children at night. Even so, the potential threats they devise have been described as “Quietly Frightening.”



Harold Fitzpatrick is what some people might call a Missouri redneck or a hillbilly. Those people, of course, probably didn’t know that his mother and father both held doctoral degrees in science. She was an environmental research chemist, and he was a wildlife biologist. Harold had inherited much of their curiosity. He knew the woods, creeks, and rivers of St. Francois County like the back of his hand. What he didn’t know was what he wanted to do with his life.
Like so many before him, he looked to the United States Marine Corps for both guidance and maturity. Unintentionally, that choice also separated him from his high school sweetheart and sent him on a journey into the jungles of Southeast Asia, the deserts of the Middle East, and the heart of the drug trafficking business in Central America.




The story of Valerie Foreman during her first two years on the Orlando Police Force. While a beat cop, she stumbles upon and solves a plot by pre-911 jihadis to terrorize Americans. The case is ultimately overshadowed by the events of 911, but her own star as a policeman rises, leading her to become a detective (setting the stage for the sequel). Interlaced with the case is her long distance relationship with her childhood boyfriend, Harold. He is still in the Marines and is stationed at the embassy in Paraguay. Setting: 2000-2001, Orlando, Florida.

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After having successfully completed the requirements for her Masters Degree in Criminology, Officer Valerie Foreman takes and passes the detective’s exam.  Her hopes of a promotion look grim, however, when she learns that the Chief doesn’t care much for women detectives.  With the help of a few of her friends, she manages to get the promotion, but is on thin ice.  The Chief is looking for a reason to bust her back to patrol and has enlisted the aid of her supervising detective to speed things along.  She is assigned case after case in an attempt to overload her, but Valerie rises to the occasion, solving them all and earning the respect of her peers in the process.  This novel, set in 2002, is a sequel to the novel Traffic.

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Winifred Beatrice Kazlowski is a mystery. As she turns forty, her pursuit of higher education leads her to discover who she really is and who she really wants to be. In an ending with an O’Henry-style twist, Winifred finds her answer.

While not a part of the Levindusky Series (Day 183 to Dragonfly), there is a character in Miss Match who appears later on in Dragonfly.


BOOK EIGHT: The last of the Levindusky Series.

Dragonfly is the last in the series that begins with DAY 183.

In ancient lore, the dragonfly is the symbol of transformation and rebirth. In Dragonfly, Sebastian brings a tired and skeptical nation through a process of metamorphosis no less dramatic than that undertaken by the dragonfly larva as it transforms itself from an ugly water bug into a beautiful aerial acrobat.

Or does he?

Madison Thompson, a mechanical engineer, and Janice Edmonds, a Puerto Rican novelist, are dark horses in the 2016 election, but manage to pull off an upset using one very unusual tactic: Honesty. Coupled with a reticence to speak ill of the other candidates and a desire to focus on their own qualifications, they win victory - and the metamorphosis begins.

In a twist becoming familiar in Sebastian's novels, the last few chapters throw everything into doubt. What really happens will rely on America acknowledging that the shape of tomorrow - Tomorrow's Reality - will be the result of hard work, not fate.


Walter Fleegle had lived and aged quietly and alone. At 41, he had decided to retire from his job and seek his future with his first love: writing. He could easily live off of his pension. There was no one to support but himself. His first challenge was to find a pen name. Walter Fleegle wouldn’t look good on the cover. Kelly Blanton would take the honors. The struggle between the quiet and unassuming Walter Fleegle and the flamboyant Kelly Blanton leads them on a somewhat schizophrenic excursion culminating with a marriage proposal.
But all is not as it seems


Eva Fernandez swims to shore, and collapses. When she awakens, she finds herself stranded on a beach in south Texas - alone in a foreign land with nothing.

In 1960, Fidel Castro celebrates his victory over President Batista. Not everyone is happy with the outcome. Eva and Franco Fernandez make the dangerous choice of escaping to the north: to the United States. The trip does not go well and the two are separated, neither, for a time, knowing if the other is alive.

Eva bears the worst of it.

CAUTION: This novel contains material unsuitable for Atheists, children and some adults.