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The interlaced novels of Sebastian Roberts

Peter Levindusky wants to go to graduate school and study fish. This, his journey, carries him, his family, and his friends through his enrollment in 1976 to a rocking chair in 2016. The stories of those in his inner circle are told in the series of novels by Sebastian Roberts that includes, Grace (a trilogy: Day 183, Flight 885, A Trip to Mérida), Weak Point, Serenity, Traffic, Wisdom, and Dragonfly. For maximum enjoyment, they should be read in that order. Technically, Miss Match might also be included in the series, but only because a main character (only one, Dr. R.J. Hunter) shows up as a major supporting character in Dragonfly. If included, Miss Match would fall between Wisdom and Dragonfly.

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Navy Lieutenant Peter Levindusky has served his country well, if briefly. In 1976, he resigns his commission and returns to his true passion: the study of fish behavior. Landing an appointment as a graduate student with the Florida Institute of Marine Technology in Ft. Myers, Florida, he is also lucky enough to land a job as Captain of the Institute’s research vessel, the ORV Grace. Pete meets the lovely Sarah and unknown to Pete at the time, Sarah is not only the daughter of his thesis advisor, Dr. Harry Roth, but Dr. Sarah Roth will also be his Chemistry Professor. Pete and Sarah soon learn that there is something funny going on in the Geology department. Sarah and her father are in a perilous position. Bob Foreman, FBI, recruits their assistance. Pete is captured by smugglers. Having survived both his attempted murder and chemistry class, Pete and Sarah are married.

Pete and Sarah leave on their honeymoon while Bob Foreman and FBI Agent Brandy Bane face their feelings for one another. Flight 885, a passenger plane, is hijacked. The FBI team unravels the hijacking only to learn that there are international implications and the case is handed over to the CIA to complete. Not long afterwards, Flight 413 is hijacked in a strikingly similar manner. The hijacking of Flight 413 ends badly. A debris field is found and, while there are no survivors, no bodies were found either.

To save their relationship, Brandy transfers to the local DEA office. At the DEA, Brandy works undercover on a drug dealing case. Bob Foreman is assigned to work on a banking scam. The DEA investigation reveals that there is a rogue DEA agent. Washington steps in and Secret Service Agent Michele Bianchi is assigned to lead a joint DEA-FBI investigation.

Agent Michele Bianchi recruits Dr. Sarah Levindusky (Roth) to cross check chemical analyses done by their primary contractor. Dr. Harry Roth leads a covert exploratory investigation in the Yucatan. Molly Kingman is recruited to assist. Under Michele’s direction the drug case is solved, but Pete, Sarah, Harry, and Molly all enter the witness protection program.

Sarah gives birth to Harold on the Fourth of July, 1977. On December 13th, 1977, Valerie Sarah Foreman is born. A few short years later, the parents of Janice Edmonds arrive from Puerto Rico. Harold, Janice and Valerie become fast friends.

In 1982 Brandy and Bob Foreman recruit Pete and Sarah to a think tank. Their task is to find weak points in America’s defenses against international incidents such as hijackings, as well as other acts of violence.

Harold, Janice, and Valerie all grow up together. Harold and Janice are a grade ahead of Val and after high school they go separate ways. Harold joins the Marines. Janice goes to a university in Kentucky. Navy Lt. Chance Inman recruits Harold a sniper team. They trade their rifles in for long range cameras and are sent off around the globe on missions to collect intelligence. Harold’s tour of duty as a Data Collection Specialist ends when he is witness to the death of several small children who are killed as a result of his work. He resigns and is assigned to the Embassy in Paraguay.

Valerie completes her studies and, in 2000, lands a job with the Orlando Police department. While unable to fall in love with someone other than Harold, she does form a close relationship with a fellow officer, Julian. Julian is murdered but his death leads Valerie to discover an international plot to murder Americans. Afterwards, she is promoted to detective. Her first case leads to the discovery and arrest of a serial killer.

In 2015, Madison Thompson declares his candidacy for President of the United States. He wins the primary and is nominated at the Republican Convention. He chooses Congresswoman Janice Edmonds as his running mate. To the surprise of both, they win. Janice, being aware of the black magic that Washington can play on a person, invites Harold to be her confidant and anchor: to keep her ‘Janice’ and help her avoid the corrosion of spirit that is so common. Harold accepts the job and takes sabbatical from his teaching position. Once in D.C., however, Harold is surprised to see that the special undercover agent in charge of Janice’s personal security is none other than Valerie Foreman. During the transition period, the team is charged with restoring the Constitution as the foundation of American law and policy. His simple instruction: Govern the Nation, not the people.

Copyright 2016, Sebastian Roberts, All rights reserved.

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"Miss Match is a good, quick read. Different than anything else I've read. I'm not sure if I like how the story ended. Ironically, the best
part of the book is the ending. The book leaves me with plenty to think about - some soul searching to do."