One of the things that makes reading these stories so enjoyable and easy is the cast of characters.  The regular reader gets to know them almost like family.  Some occur in only one story, but others like Pete Levindusky, play a role in several.  In Day 183, we first meet him when he is 25, but in Dragonfly he is in his sixties.  Think of this as our family album!

Characters who appear in novels by Sebastian Roberts

Listed in chronological order of appearance
Pete Levindusky

Born (1950) and raised in Butte Montana, Pete was drawn to the sea.  First as a SCUBA instructor, then as a Naval Officer.  Trained in Underwater Demolitions, Electronic Warfare, and Submarine Warfare, his longest tour was as an officer on the minesweeper, the USS Impervious.  In 1976, he resigned his commission to go to graduate school and study fish behavior.  At 5' 11" with sandy hair and blue eyes, he is the poster boy for being nondescript.  He makes up for it with his extensive skill set - most of which he will need in order to deal with the spies, smugglers, and federal agents that invade his world.  Pete occurs in several stories including DAY 183 and DRAGONFLY.
Dr. Harry Roth, Ph.D.

Harry is a World War Two era Marine who became a botanist after the war.  Shortly after his daughter, Sarah, was born, his wife died in a tragic accident.  Harry raises Sarah and becomes a leading expert in regional plant genetics.  His military training, his love for his daughter, and his duty to his country take him on a wild ride to the Yucatan.  We first meet Harry in 1976 when he is fifty-five and in excellent health, He is handsome but he isn't Clark Gable handsome.  He was more Clint Eastwood handsome.  His features didn't quite fit together right, but somehow he made it work.  At six feet tall with full gray hair with black remnants, it was his eyes that people noticed most.  They revealed a deep intelligence with a bit of an imp thrown in for good measure.  It was the quickness of his glance and the pronounced smile lines that made him seem that way.

Dr. Sarah Roth, Ph.D.
We first meet Sarah a few months after she has earned her Doctoral degree in Chemical Oceanography.  Twenty-six was a young age to earn a Ph.D. and even younger to have landed a job as an associate professor at a Southwest Florida Marine Research Institute.  Sarah had blown through college and graduate school.  Her success was due less to her undeniable intellect and more to her unquenchable thirst for knowledge.  She is fit and firm.  Her 5' 8", 130 pound body is adorned with jet black shoulder length hair.  But it is her shiny black eyes - like gems of Obsidian - that pierce you and capture you like a fish on a spear - Oh, yeah - she spearfishes and SCUBA dives.  Sarah occurs in several stories - from 26 (in GRACE) to 66 (in DRAGONFLY).
Brandy Bane, FBI

FBI Agent Brandy Bane is reassigned from San Diego to Ft. Myers in early 1976.  She is petite, pretty, and golden-blonde all of which is good cover for her skill as a world-class martial artist.  The reassignment was partly to provide the Ft. Myers team with in-house training capabilities - a role she relished.  Her only tell, as a poker player might say, was that her beautiful light-green eyes could turn to cold steel and skewer you when she was mad.  Her fire and fierceness in training sessions served her profession well, but also made her a little hard to get close to.  Brandy plays major a role in Day 183, Flight 885, and A Trip to Merida (collectively known as GRACE).  She also appears in DRAGONFLY and appears prominently in other manuscripts still in preparation.
Robert (Bob) Foreman, FBI

FBI Agent Robert Foreman is a senior agent at the Ft. Myers office when we first meet him in 1976.  He had once joined the navy to see the world, but ended up a disbursing officer.  Seeking more out of life than cutting checks for the real heroes, he resigned to join the FBI.  Bob has a good build for an agent - he’s not a body builder, but he can hold his own.  He is six foot tall with brown hair and hazel eyes.  Bob plays hero in more than one story and is with us from his late twenties all through his sixties.

Dr. Randall J. Hunter, Ph.D.

RJ is an experimental physicist with a unique outlook on life.  He is smart, affable, tall, handsome, and both mentally and physically strong.  His weakness is his constant failure to find the right woman.  He learns at a young age that he is much happier pursuing his scientific inquiries than a bigger paycheck and is quite at ease with being a Professor at a small Florida University.  His constant winning of Navy contracts keeps him reasonably occupied, but true to his nature, he chooses to pay himself less and his students more - it was his way of helping them focus on their studies instead of a part-time job.  RJ appears in MISS MATCH and in DRAGONFLY.  He is also being written into one other manuscript in preparation.

Michele Bianchi, Secret Service

The U.S. State Department has a problem.  In Ft. Myers, the FBI office (run by Agent Oscar Robinson) and the DEA office (run by Agent Jean DuLac) find themselves investigating overlapping cases, both of which lead them outside the borders of the United States.  Vice President Mondale becomes concerned that the cases could upset a delicate deal that he is negotiating with Panama and takes preventative countermeasures: He sends Secret Service Agent Michele Bianchi to Ft. Myers.  Her assignment is to make sure that the FBI and DEA work together - they need to avoid upsetting the international apple-cart.  Michele is tall, slender, capable, and professional (at times).  When those times come - or go - is reflected in her deep hazel eyes.

Dr. Harold Levindusky, History Professor

Harold is a complex character whose escapades run through several of the novels.  In Serenity, Harold is a teen who develops into an adult under the guidance of the United States Marine Corps.  His parents, Sarah Roth and Pete Levindusky are featured prominently in GRACE, as is his grandfather, Dr. Harold Roth.  Harry grows up with his two best friends Janice Edmonds and Valerie Foreman.  Maintaining a long distance friendship with both of them, the three reconnect 20 years later in DRAGONFLY.  By that time, the young marine has become a history professor at a state university in Missouri where he teaches American history with emphasis on the formation of the Constitution.

Janice Edmonds, Vice President-elect of the United States

Janice, an only child, was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, in 1977.  When she was 3, her parents moved to a small farming community outside of Poplar Bluff, Missouri.  By the time she is elected to the Vice Presidency, her resume includes a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Journalism and Creative Writing - both emphasized by a successful series of historical novels.  Janice served 6 years in the Air Force and 6 more in Congress before being asked to be the Vice Presidential Candidate in 2016.  She was selected for this office because Janice has a penchant for getting things done.  Her leadership style is side-by-side; she learned good leadership by being well-led, thanks to the United States Air Force.  At the time of her election, she is single, 39 yrs old, 5’10”, 135 pounds, with dark brown hair, chestnut eyes.

Valerie Foreman, Law Enforcement

Valerie Foreman is the eldest daughter of Bob Foreman (FBI) and Brandy Bane (DEA).  Because of the close relationship that the Foremans have with the Levinduskys (Pete and Sarah), Valerie develops a childhood friendship with both Harold Levindusky and Janice Edmonds.  The Foremans live in a different town, however, and what might have blossomed into a high school puppy love relationship is stifled.  Harold graduates a year ahead of Valerie and after high school they are separated by fate.  Valerie obtains a college degree in Criminology and lands a job with the Orlando Police Force (Traffic), after which she works her way up the law enforcement ladder to a post with the Secret Service.  Assigned to protect the Vice President Elect (Janice Edmonds) she is reunited with Harold Levindusky (Dragonfly).  Valerie is 5'9" and 135 pounds with auburn hair and strikingly blue eyes.  She is independent, athletic, and a martial arts instructor like her mother, Brandy.
Madison Thompson, President Elect of the United States

As a gymnast in college, he competed but never went very high in the rankings.  After earning an associates degree, he enlisted in the Army.  Madison kept working and it wasn’t long before he had a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a commission as an officer.  His specialty, both as an enlisted man and as an officer, was in demolitions.  When his wife, Gloria, tragically died in an accident, he lost his focus.  Resigning his commission as a Lt. Colonel, he started a small engineering company specializing in small problems within big systems especially with new designs or new applications of materials.  After the turmoil of September 11th, Madison, like so many other Americans became more aware of the government.  He was swept up briefly in the Tea Party movement - a participation which he subsequently abandoned as the divisions in society became more and more emotional at the expense of both rational thought and the security of the Constitution.  Backed by serious money from others as seriously concerned about the nation as he was, his dark-horse candidacy proved successful and he was elected to the Presidency.  Born in 1972, at the time of his election, Madison is a single 44 yr old standing 5’8” tall, weighing 180 pounds, with sandy hair and gray eyes.
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