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Tom Cuba and Sebastian Roberts have teamed up to offer you, the reader, a wide selection of literary products.  Within these pages you will find some light poetry, a children's book, novels in the mystery and intrigue genre, and essays on science, society, and politics.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

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or locally in Pinellas County at Market Space for Good, located at 6785 46th Ave North in St. Petersburg.


Twelve poets local to the Pinellas County area of West Central Florida share seventy-eight of their poems. The works range from simple to complex, each one destined to trigger new insights and old emotions in the reader.

The Dark Horse Poets are an even dozen in number. They are: Hayley Beck, Tom Cuba, Destiny, Donna Dobbs, Karen Gates, Karla Wright, Patricia Grayson, Tamassia Martins, Rob McCabe, Vincent Spina, John Stoeffler, and Anthony Zautra.


JIGSAW is an eclectic collection of unrelated short stories, assuring that somewhere within these pages, there is something for everyone.  Fantasy, mystery, historical fiction, tragedy, thrillers, and more are melded into an entertaining and thought-provoking volume.  Writing, as the stories will show you, can be a release, an escape – even a refuge – as writers embrace the adventure of bringing characters and scenes to life with nothing but their imagination.  In this way, they control the universe that is their pen and paper.  The writer can create any situation and his characters are free to be anyone and do anything.

The Dark Horse Writers offer this diverse collection to you, the reader, and invite you to join us in our stories and illusions.  There are six contributing authors to this collection: members of a writing support group located in southern Pinellas County, Florida.  They are the Dark Horse Writers: Shara Bunis, Tom Cuba, Karen Gates, Pat Grayson, Claire Kemp, and Vincent Spina.

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