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The publisher of Growing Up and Miss Match has gone out of business.  We are working with Amazon and Barnes and Noble to transfer management from the original publisher to us, but in the meantime, these titles should not be purchased from these platforms.  Anyone wishing to purchase one of these titles in E-book format, paperback, or hardcase should send us an email.  We'll take care of you.

Tom Cuba and Sebastian Roberts have teamed up to offer you, the reader, a wide selection of literary products.  Within these pages you will find some light poetry, a children's book, novels in the mystery and intrigue genre, and essays on science, society, and politics.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

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Titles by Sebastian: Select each title for a more detailed description.

Titles with shared characters are presented in the recommended order in which they should be read.  Click the title of each entry for more details.


Day 183: Book One of the Grace Trilogy - Mystery: Historical Fiction.  Pete's first big adventure, including the day he met Sarah.

Flight 885 and and A Trip to Merida (Books Two and Three of The Grace Trilogy) are now available in paperback as well as in E-books format (kindle) or within Grace.  While we update the website, please order these by email.  We'll send a quote in response to your inquiry.

Grace - Mystery: Historical Fiction.  Sarah and Pete are drawn into a world of smugglers, drug cartels, and murderers.  Grace is the trilogy that includes Day 183, Flight 885, and A Trip to Merida.

Weak Point - Historical Fiction. Pete, Sarah, Harry, and Molly are recruited to form a think tank designed to destroy America.  Released December 31st and now available in Kindle format on Amazon.  Print copies are available only here.  To order, send Sebastian an email.  The introductory price of $7.00 for the paperback won't last long.  Price does not include shopping ($6.80).  Click the title for a synopsis and preview chapter.

Serenity - Discovery Thriller: Historical Fiction.  Dedicated to both the pain and pleasure of finding our maturity.

Traffic - Mystery: Historical Fiction. Officer Valerie Foreman joins the Orlando, Florida, police department and uncovers an international plot with roots in the Middle East.  This title has not yet been released.

Wisdom - Detective Mystery: Historical FictionOfficer Valerie Foreman is promoted to detective and is drawn into the search for a serial killer.  This title has not yet been released.

Miss Match - Discovery.  A novel for women seeking to elevate themselves above the female stereotypeBased on the true story of how one woman used a dating service for purposes other than dating.

Dragonfly - Political Thriller.  A fictional story about the man who wins the presidential election in 2016.


The Writer - Discovery: Psychological Thriller.  Walter Fleegle, a retiring and shy 41 year old single man, embarks on a career change that changes more than his career.

Eva - Tragedy: In 1960, Fidel Castro celebrates his victory over President Batista.  Not everyone is happy with the outcome.  Eva and Franco Fernandez make the dangerous choice of escaping to the north: to the United States.  The trip does not go well and Eva bears the worst of it.

A refugee separated from the group she escaped with, she finds herself pregnant and alone in a new land.  Without money, without friends, and bearing the guilt of the death of her husband, she struggles through the temptations of drugs and the need to survive by selling whatever she can - including herself.


Caution:  Contains adult situations. Not suitable for children and sensitive adults.


President-Elect Madison has assigned his transition team a daunting task: examine every agency in the Executive Branch and find a Constitutional foundation for each of them.  If none can be found, the team must find a way to correct things without abandoning the people served.

Many of the programs that catch their attention turn out to be Accidents of History: never intended to be permanent.

The efforts of the team are wrapped up in assassination plots, lust, and love, lending spice and realism to the story that makes it both entertaining and exciting.  

Sebastian’s style makes the normally dry topic of government interesting: even the committee meetings are riveting.  The reader can relate Madison’s efforts to the ongoing presidential election and understand what all the fuss is about.  Sebastian pulls the reader along to an astonishing and adroit ending, leaving us gasping in surprise.

Meet the Cast!


One of the things that makes reading these stories so enjoyable and easy is the cast of characters.

The regular reader gets to know them almost like family.  Some occur in only one story, but others like Pete Levindusky, play a role in several.  In Day 183, we first meet him when he is 25, but in Dragonfly he is in his sixties.  Think of this as our family album!

Pete and Sarah meet in Day 183.  Harry, Sarah's dad, meets Molly, in Grace (book three).  Bob and Brandy find each other in Grace (book two).  Their children, Harold and Valerie, find roles to play in Serenity and Dragonfly.

The Writer has its own cast.

WORKS by Tom:

Growing Up: A Story for Children of Any Age - A collection of short stories, each with a life lesson.

A Collection of Essays: 168pp - click link for table of contents.  Order via email.

A Second Collection of Essays: 199pp - click link for table of contents.  This volume is only available in kindle format at this time.

A Response to The Liberty Amendments (by Mark Levin) - Read the summary.  Published in E-format only.  We will, however, send you a PDF directly if you wish.  Order by email.  Read the chapter on "term limits."


Essays - Opinion:

Essays - Government:

Essays - Science:

Essays - Society:

Light Humour: 

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