Grace was originally written as three stories with intertwined plots and shared characters.  It has been published in one volume for the convenience of the reader.  The Three stories are Day 183, Flight 885, and A Trip to Merida.

In Day 183 all ex-navy Lt. Pete Levindusky wants is to go to graduate school and study fish.  Smugglers, spies, murderers, and an old friend at the FBI, however, have other ideas.

Flight 885 is the story of an odd hijacking that takes Pete’s friends from the FBI on a search for answers that just don’t seem to come.

It all comes together in A Trip to Merida.  The FBI, DEA, and Secret Service find themselves in an unexpected and, at times uneasy, partnership as they investigate a drug case that is somehow tied to a pandemic of an unidentified disease in teenagers.  Pete’s love, Sarah, is drawn into the investigation but it is Sarah’s father who plays a major role in solving the case.

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