Tom Cuba, Sebastian Roberts


A Novel
Sebastian Roberts
Contains adult language and situations.  Not suitable for children and some adults.

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In 1960, Fidel Castro celebrates his victory over President Batista.  Not everyone is happy with the outcome.  Eva and Franco Fernandez make the dangerous choice of escaping to the north: to the United States.  The trip does not go well and Eva bears the worst of it.

A refugee separated from the group she escaped with, she finds herself pregnant and alone in a new land.  Without money, without friends, and bearing the guilt of the death of her husband, she struggles through the temptations of drugs and the need to survive by selling whatever she can - including herself.


Caution:  Contains adult situations. Not suitable for children and sensitive adults.


The galley proof of EVA is now under review.  The March 15th release date will need to be pushed back a bit, but not by much.  I want to extend my very special thanks to the beta readers.  The advice has been invaluable.

The first chapter is posted here (below) for review.  Pre-Orders of autographed copies are being accepted at $10.00 for the paperback, plus shipping (total $16.80).  Shipping is waived for customers in Pinellas County, Florida - I'll deliver the book in person.  To Pre-Order, just send me an email.  I'll let you know when it's available.

~ Sebastian
In Chapter One, Eva and Franco board a sailboat bound for America with the  intent of avoiding Castro's new Cuba.