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Direct Sales

Direct Sales through our website.
While we appreciate the direct sale, we strongly support our local booksellers and urge you to make your purchase where possible from your neighborhood vendor - most will be able to order it.  If not, we're happy to oblige.  No E-Book formats are available directly.


It takes a little longer (2 - 3 extra days) but you can order by email and save the service fee (by others).

Just send us an email.

1.  Identify EXACTLY what it is you want.  Include the number of copies and any desired inscription.

2.  Tell us EXACTLY where it is that you want the item sent.  Deliverable by US POST within the Continental US or to any military base.

3.  We will tally the bill and send you an invoice.

4.  Send us a check with the balance due.

5.  When we receive your check, we'll ship the item!

Miss Match and Growing Up are currently only available (from us) in paperback.  Copies ordered here, however, will be signed by the author.  For the e-book, try Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

DRAGONFLY - hard cover
GRACE - hard cover
DAY 183 - Hardbound
Serenity - hard cover
The Writer - hard cover
DRAGONFLY - paperback
GRACE - paperback
Day 183 - paperback
Serenity - papeback
The Writer - paperback

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