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A Response to

The Liberty Amendments (by Mark Levin):




A cautionary note to the reader: The following response to Mr. Levin is best read in the context of having already read The Liberty Amendments, by M. Levin.  Having a copy nearby in order to cross reference ideas is almost mandatory.


In late 2013 Mark Levin published a book in which he proposes eleven constitutional amendments designed to “restore the American republic.”  At the close of the introduction, Mr. Levin “...makes no claim to unassailable knowledge...” and hopes that his ideas may “...prove useful and find their way into the debate.”  I espouse exactly the same positions and hereby enter the debate with vigor and optimism.  That debate, I pray, will assist in a resurgence of the “Informed Electorate” which Madison admonished us to maintain.  The debate, and the vast preponderance of Mr. Levin’s work, may go far in pursuing that goal.


Mr. Levin’s proposals will be addressed in the same order and with the same titles as originally presented.  It is important to note that no single measure, neither his or mine, nor that of another, will be sufficient to make the necessary corrections.  Here and elsewhere, multiple and interlocking repairs are needed throughout the entire system.  The key concept is in the use of the word repair.  We do not need a fundamental change to our philosophy of freedom or to the general construction of the constitution:  Only clarification and correction is required.  Mr. Levin states virtually the same concept in quote (page 172) from Edmund Burke who makes a distinction between change (random) and reformation (focused).

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AMERICA: The Shop Mannual

A Shop Manual is a book that mechanics use to repair cars, refrigerators, airplanes, and virtually anything else repairable.  The theme of this manual is that America is repairable but the repairs will be extensive.  Step by step, Tom guides us through problem identification and a series of recommended repairs.  The manual is not complete and future editions can be expected.

AMERICA: The Shop Manual, by Thomas R. Cuba

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