SERENITY Medallions.  These medallions were designed specifically to match the cover of Sebastian's novel Serenity.  Drawn from the classic prayer, the design reflects the interlaced flow of energy among the triad of Courage-Serenity-Wisdom.  Suitable for engraving on the reverse.

The medallion is the size of a quarter and can be ordered in a tarnish-less bronze, pure silver, and gold.  Send an email to inquire about pricing.  Precious metal prices are unstable and subject to change.  The Bronze Medallion retails for $25.00.

The Horse by Gertrude Scott

Print of the original art.  The work is pin-point or stippling.  The Horse appears in Growing Up as a Spirit Guide for the Earth Warrior.

Limited copies are available - $12.00.

Autographs are not available.

Inquiries are welcome - send email.

The Dream Catcher by Charlotte Vannice

Like most items with a long lore, The Dream Catcher has been described in many stories by many authors and has different meanings to members of different tribes.  One theme runs through them all: Safety and Enlightenment.


Signatures are not available

Inquirie by email.

T-Shirts in support of the Thompson-Edmonds Campaign.  Available in white, pink, red, light blue, light green, and beige.  Indicate size, gender (they are cut differently), and quantity when ordering.

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